Up-and-Coming Superyacht Destinations Not to Miss!


Luxury and exclusivity go hand in hand. After all, nothing quite beats the decadent charm of finding an unspoilt, empty beach and getting it all to yourself, or having your clothes tailored to fit you, and you alone. With this in mind, why would you spend your time taking your yacht to the overcrowded and over-rated hotspots of the world, where you’ll be jostling for space among a thousand others? Here’s a brief list of five yachting destinations which are definitely on their way up, yet which haven’t yet been ruined by the hordes of holiday-goers wanting to mingle with Read the full article...

The Globe-Trotting Superyacht Hotel


The world renowned concierge company Quintessentially has revealed its latest luxury venture: the world’s largest superyacht, on which the mega-rich can rent a room for around $3000 AUS per night. The idea was born when the CEO of the company realised that it was almost impossible to cater for every one of his clients when large, luxurious events (such as the Monaco Grand Prix) rolled around. The yacht has been designed as an exclusive floating hotel, featuring a restaurant run by London’s The Wolseley, and will travel around the world in order to dock at various calendar features of the Read the full article...

Four of the Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs on Earth


Owning the yacht is only half the story. The real prestige, the real luxury and status, comes from your membership in a yacht club. Of course, for the super-rich and successful, not just any old yacht club will do – and thankfully, there are several establishments in the great harbour cities of the world, which cater for the most discerning, the most demanding, and most exclusive yacht owners out there. History, lavish decoration, extravagant bars stocked with rare wines, and the best seafood money can buy… nothing is too much in the world of super yacht clubs. Here’s a quick Read the full article...