Launching a Legend: Black Pearl


Image: yachtharbour In recent years, we’ve seen some pretty outlandish superyacht designs. It seems every yacht maker in the land is seeing how many extra lavish details they can add to their increasingly massive crafts, from helipads and revolving swimming pools, to glowing saunas and floating staircases. However, few have been daring enough to truly think outside the box when it comes to the vessel itself, and re-imagine what a superyacht might actually be. This all began to change with the launch of Maltese Falcon, which introduced the wider world to the concept of a DynaRig – a new type Read the full article...

Explorers: The Latest Trend in Superyachting


Image: Sanlorenzo 460EXP via Arcon Yachts The world of luxury yachting is one which is constantly evolving, always changing with the ebb and flow of fashion, and forever dictated by the whims of the global elite, for whom money is little object. Not so long ago, the main trend in superyachting seemed to have relatively little – if anything at all – to do with actual sailing; it was all about pulling up in some trendy hotspot, and using your yacht as a portable luxury home in which to party and live the high life. However, times are changing, and Read the full article...

Introducing the First Bugatti Superyacht


Image: bugattininiette.com   With one of the sleekest, sexiest designs ever seen on the seas, an engine that’ll make your hair stand on end, and an interior which looks like it’s been lifted straight from the best kind of James Bond movie, we’re more than a little bit in love with Bugatti Niniette 66. It was only a matter of time before the world of supercars and superyachts collided, and Bugatti have the style and knowledge of the luxury sector to pull it off in the most spectacular fashion. The Bugatti Niniette 66 yacht is directly inspired by the forms and Read the full article...