Built for Speed: The World’s Fastest Superyachts


  Everywhere we look, the world is speeding up. Our daily lives are more streamlined than ever before, our commutes more swift, our smartphones outperforming even the speediest computers from a couple of years ago. Cars and motorcycles frequently break their own land speed records… so why shouldn’t the ever-glamorous, ever-evolving world of superyachts follow suit?   If there’s one thing the global elite love, it’s to be in possession of a record-breaker. This unstoppable drive to outdo themselves is the engine which powers the superyacht industry, and we’re constantly seeing shipyards crowing about shattering previous personal bests, and launching Read the full article...

Most Expensive Superyachts On The Sea in 2018


The world of superyachting is all about extremes. Every year, we see yachts getting bigger, faster, more extravagant and fully loaded than ever before… and it’s this drive for constant betterment, outlandish development, and higher levels of glamour and over-the-top glitz that drives the industry forward. 2018 is set to be another bumper year on the yachting scene, and we’re eagerly anticipating some major releases that will explore new horizons when it comes to sail technology, eco-friendly superyachting possibilities, as well as the full range of jaw-dropping interiors we’ve come to expect. However, in this most luxurious of sectors, there Read the full article...

Want to sail like a secret agent? Check out these Bond-esque yachts!


  Who hasn’t fantasized at some point about living like James Bond? The MI6 agent has it all; fast cars, beautiful women, a range of mind-boggling gadgets, and the seeming ability to dodge bullets and save the world, while dealing out razor sharp quips with one eyebrow raised. It seems as though the world’s leading superyacht designers have been taking note of Mr. Bond’s endless appeal to the world’s rich and beautiful. The superyacht industry is full of shipbuilders constantly racing to outdo each other when it comes to that ‘wow’ factor, and it seems that this season has been Read the full article...