12th August 2017

Want to sail like a secret agent? Check out these Bond-esque yachts!


Who hasn’t fantasized at some point about living like James Bond? The MI6 agent has it all; fast cars, beautiful women, a range of mind-boggling gadgets, and the seeming ability to dodge bullets and save the world, while dealing out razor sharp quips with one eyebrow raised.

It seems as though the world’s leading superyacht designers have been taking note of Mr. Bond’s endless appeal to the world’s rich and beautiful. The superyacht industry is full of shipbuilders constantly racing to outdo each other when it comes to that ‘wow’ factor, and it seems that this season has been inspired by the internationally jetsetting spy himself. Indeed, many of the latest launches from the big names in the business are fitted out with the kind of gizmos, gadgets and extras which wouldn’t look out of place in Q’s laboratory – you can almost hear him saying “and do be careful this time, 007!” as you’re faced with the amazing additions boasted by these gorgeous machines. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite examples – who knows? Maybe they’ll be popping up soon in a high octane chase, on a cinema screen near you.


For the getaway: The Wet Rod by Strand Craft

Image: Classic Driver

Sometimes, you’ve got to get places quickly, and speed is very much of the essence. However, there’s no reason why you can’t hit those top speeds in style, as proven by The Wet Rod – a next generation superyacht which can reach a blistering velocity of 80 mph. This yacht – which is already well in its production phase – is an eye-poppingly beautiful machine, which already looks as though it has fallen out of a Hollywood movie set with its impossibly sleek body, and gorgeous wood panelling over its carbon fibre chassis.


For the high life: Aston Martin AM37

Image: Aston Martin

If there’s one luxury brand which is deeply associated with James Bond, it’s Aston Martin. This is a manufacturer which seamlessly blends beauty with power, speed with sensuality, and their forays into the yachting world have been met with almost fevered enthusiasm over the years. This yacht doesn’t disappoint – with top speed of 44 knots, a deeply plush, slick and stylish interior and exterior designs, and plenty of added features (including the very Bond-like electric sliding decks) – you can easily imagine it hosting plenty of tuxedo and vodka martini parties!


For the undercover mission: The Kormaran Convertible

Image: Dubai Boat Show

This powerboat-cum-yacht really does take things to a whole new level. Kormaran have managed to create a high powered yacht, which can be easily adapted and converted into what is essentially four different vessels. Using both carbon fibre and titanium, and a fascinating design which allows it to have a ‘normal’ setting, a powerboat mode, and two impressive catamaran modes, it offers a chameleon-like quality which really has never been seen before. Best of all, this boat can really, really move. The 493 HP engine, mixed with the ‘flight mode’ (which sees the hydraulic catamaran arms lift the whole hull out of the water) allows for a speed, agility and efficiency unmatched by any other boat on the sea.


For the jetpack moment: The Monaco 2050


This yacht’s top deck is a detachable aircraft, capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Really? Yes, really. It’s been designed by Russian yachting guru Vasily Klyukin, and while we won’t see anything like it for at least a couple of decades (hence the name), it does give us a strong idea as to where the luxury yacht market is heading. Keep your eyes on the skies!

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