9th April 2017

Up-and-Coming Superyacht Destinations Not to Miss!

Luxury and exclusivity go hand in hand. After all, nothing quite beats the decadent charm of finding an unspoilt, empty beach and getting it all to yourself, or having your clothes tailored to fit you, and you alone. With this in mind, why would you spend your time taking your yacht to the overcrowded and over-rated hotspots of the world, where you’ll be jostling for space among a thousand others? Here’s a brief list of five yachting destinations which are definitely on their way up, yet which haven’t yet been ruined by the hordes of holiday-goers wanting to mingle with the elite. Just don’t go telling everybody, ok?


Finland’s Aland Archipelago

Finland may not immediately spring to mind when you think of luxury destinations, but here you’ll find some of the clearest, bluest waters in the northern hemisphere, and vast skies lit by midnight sun in the summertime, and the beauty of the northern lights in the winter. It’s quiet, remote, and spectacularly beautiful, and the Baltic coast offers plenty of fantastic places to stop, eat, and knock back some fine vodkas. With its astounding natural beauty, Scandinavia is just starting to establish itself on the luxury yachting scene, so get there quick and make the most of it before everybody else does!


Croatia’s Rovinj Islands

Ask any yachter in Europe for one of their top tips for secret destinations, and the coastline off Croatia is sure to come up. The Rovinj Islands are the best of the bunch, with warm blue seas, lush forests, and plenty of amazing secluded beaches perfect for a dip and a bottle or two of the superb local wine.


Thailand’s Port Takola

If you own a yacht and you aren’t visiting Thailand, you should probably ask yourself whether you’re really using your time wisely. This country possesses some of the finest views on earth, a thumping luxury party scene, great food on every corner, and yacht marinas such as Port Takola, where you can easily lose yourself in a genuine exotic paradise.


Costa Rica’s Golfito Marina

Costa Rica, with its Pacific and Caribbean coasts, rainforests and cloud-topped mountains, should be on anyone’s yachting bucket list. The small central American nation is just starting to attract the global yachting community, thanks to Marinas like Golfito, which have been specially designed to pull in the more daring yachters among the elite. Stunning views, great fishing, and unique insights into this fascinating country abound for those interested in stopping by.


Canada’s Gulf Islands

Want a really wild adventure, and get a taste of the high life in one of the world’s most beautiful seascapes? Then head up to Canada’s Gulf Islands, which feature over 40,000 islands scattered among the dramatic beauty of the icebergs and glaciers which typify the area. Watch orcas and other whales swim by your hull, while you relax on the deck. Truly amazing!

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