8th April 2017

The Globe-Trotting Superyacht Hotel

The world renowned concierge company Quintessentially has revealed its latest luxury venture: the world’s largest superyacht, on which the mega-rich can rent a room for around $3000 AUS per night.

The idea was born when the CEO of the company realised that it was almost impossible to cater for every one of his clients when large, luxurious events (such as the Monaco Grand Prix) rolled around. The yacht has been designed as an exclusive floating hotel, featuring a restaurant run by London’s The Wolseley, and will travel around the world in order to dock at various calendar features of the rich and famous. It is due to appear at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Rio Carnival, and events in Cuba, Miami, Cannes and London.


Smashing Records

The yacht itself is yet to be named. However, it is being built and fitted by two firms based in Norway and Italy, and will redefine the concept of charter yachting and exclusive mini breaks for the global elite in the twenty-first century, using many of the finest designers and craftsmen in the industry. It has outstripped the current record for yacht size – held by the soon-to-be-launched Azzam – by forty metres, meaning it may not actually be able to enter many of the harbours of European port towns!

There’s no need to fear, though – the organisers at Quintessentially claim this will work to their advantage. They state that the guests will be individually ferried to events from the open sea, while envious admirers can gaze upon the sleek hull of the ship as it rests outside the clutter of the marinas.


A Price for Luxury?

With an estimated cost of around $250 million, this is a severely expensive venture, even for Quintessentially. However, they have managed to rope in the investments of five anonymous billionaires, each of whom has given approximately $10 million in exchange for an exclusive, luxury suite on board the yacht. So, if you’ve got a spare few hundred thousand lying around, and can afford the $20,000 per year membership fee, you can be sure you’ll be present at some of the world’s most elite events…and you’ll be sailing in style.

Image: ww.trans-cote-azur.com

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