18th February 2017

The Billionaire’s Lunchbox – The Most Exclusive Foods on Earth

Make no mistake: food is in fashion. More than ever before, culinary adventures are sitting at the top of many people’s bucket lists, and experiencing exclusive foods has become something of a status symbol and desirable way to spend money, in ways which it never really was in the past. Restaurants and hotels are pushing the boat out, compiling dishes curated from some of the rarest, most outlandish ingredients on earth – what could be more luxurious than sitting down to eat a one-of-a-kind plate of food, made from the sorts of things most people will never even get to catch a glimpse of?

While there’s nothing wrong with good, honest food (in Australia, we have access to some of the finest ingredients known to man, and a wealth of homegrown talent all too willing to do wonderful things to them in the country’s leading kitchens) if you want to join the luxury foodie revolution, here are some of the dishes you’ll have to sample, if you want to taste the absolute creme de la creme of modern gastronomy.


Clawson Stilton Gold

A white, crumbly Stilton cheese which, instead of the blue mould which usually runs through it, is packed full of edible nuggets of gold leaf instead. Why? Why not! At $80 per 100 grams, this isn’t one for your late night snack attacks.


The Luxury Pizza

Pizza is a wonderful thing, but it’s rarely seen as a luxury food. However, at Maze in London (owned by fiery chef Gordon Ramsey) it becomes a work of absolute beauty and elegance. White truffles, cep mushrooms, fontina cheese and aged pancetta come together on a wood fired base for a truly decadent gastronomic experience, costing $100.


New York’s Lobster Frittata

Everyone loves lobster, and for decades, this crustacean has been synonymous with luxury. Those living in the waters off Maine – just north of New York – are considered to be the best in the world, and this dish made by the Le Parker Meridien Hotel, takes things to the absolute limit. It’s an omelette, completely stuffed with the finest white lobster flesh, and topped with ten ounces of Sevurga Caviar – one of the most sought-after caviars of the Caspian Sea. Delicious, and yours for $1000.


Chocoholic’s Heaven

The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate of New York’s Serendipity 3 restaurant has gained something of a cult following, not least because of its $25,000 price tag. It’s made from a secret concoction of rare cocoas, shavings from the world’s most expensive white truffle, 23 carat edible gold and plenty of thick cream. Oh, and it’s served in a gold and diamond goblet, and comes with a diamond bracelet, too.

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