Ten of Australia’s Best Paid CEOs


Australia comes at number 14 in the Forbes list of best countries for business. A high GDP per capita, low unemployment and inflation and balanced budgetary spending mean that it is indeed one of the best places on Earth to start a business yet we don’t see the kind of billionaires and millionaires rising from our continent than the likes of North America, Europe, or even Asia. The truth is that we are quite self-reliant people, we are professional but we also love to have fun. Nevertheless, we have CEOs who are earning paychecks that seem unreal. Here are ten Read the full article...

5 Qualities Advocated by Aussie Entrepreneurs


Most of us have an inner entrepreneurial side but only a few thorough professionals actually succeed in converting their raw passion into something of their own. Many people believe that it is money, and power that drives all entrepreneurial minds. More often than not, it is also linked with greed and no regard for the world around us. But, it isn’t true. We do have examples especially in the banking and stock exchange sector that do exactly that and make money through speculations, but we can hardly consider them entrepreneurs. A true entrepreneur is the person who aims to make his Read the full article...