How to Streamline Your Meetings


Meetings are one of those things which are completely unavoidable if you work with a team, and which often seem to go on and on, without reaching the conclusion you need. However, when done properly, meetings can be streamlined, effective, efficient, and can leave your staff feeling positive, energised and ready to get back to work and make a difference. Here are some top tips from leading business gurus regarding how to make meetings work for you, and how to avoid your staff members eyeing the clock, switching off half way through, and wishing they were somewhere else!   Plan Read the full article...

Five Questions You Should NEVER Ask At An Interview


We all know just how important it is for you, the interviewee, to ask questions during your interview. It shows you’re genuinely interested in the position, and want to get your head around some of the finer details as to what the job will entail. Questions such as ‘what would a typical day in this company involve?’ actually give the interviewer a chance to visualise you in that role, as they take you through the typical tasks and daily routine of the job. However, not all questions are created equal… and there are some questions which you should absolutely avoid Read the full article...

Want to land your dream job? Start with a killer cover letter


There’s one aspect of the job application process which is so appallingly overlooked, that it stops a hefty percentage of jobseekers from actually landing their dream role before they’ve even managed to set foot in an interview room.   The cover letter is perhaps the most important weapon you have in your application arsenal, and deserves a serious amount of time and thought. Why is it so significant? Quite simply, because this single document is what forms the very first impression you make upon your potential employer, and is an invitation to take a closer look at your credentials. Your Read the full article...