18th November 2017

New Horizons for Luxury: Meet the Rolls Royce of the future

Looking at the plans, design concept and artwork regarding the next generation of Rolls Royce luxury cars (currently codenamed Rolls Royce 103EX), it’s difficult not to get very excited indeed. This brand has long been synonymous with the very zenith of style, elegance and opulence, but never before has a luxury car manufacturer aimed so high, or spent so much time at the drawing board thinking so far outside the box. Indeed, if the images and reports released to the press regarding this futurist dream machine are anything to go by, it’s fair to say that the world of high end motoring really is about to get very exciting over the next few years.


Sheer Sci-Fi Beauty


Let’s start by looking at that body. It’s clearly a Rolls Royce – the designers have gone to great lengths to keep that sense of size and power that has been present in their vehicles for decades – but those incredible wheel hubs and elongated front end make it look like it’s dropped from outer space. Gull wing doors and a sliding roof add to the futurist look of the car, and yet it genuinely manages to preserve that Edwardian charm that Rolls Royce does better than any other luxury brand on the planet. The body has maintained the trademark silver the brand is known for, and we’re told the interior spared no expense either, being made from panels of rare Macassar wood. In essence, just looking at this lust-worthy automobile bats all competition completely out of the park.


Something Missing?


As if that isn’t impressive enough, wait until you hear about the 103EX’s next-gen features. Firstly, this car doesn’t have something which almost every single car ever designed has featured – the steering wheel. That’s right: this is a car for sitting back and relaxing in, while you’re driven around by your trusty AI chauffeur, named Eleanor. She’s controlled by voice and gesture movements, and will keep your journey safe and smooth while you luxuriate in a two seater sofa, and enjoy the view via a huge OLED screen. No wonder the cockpit of this car has been dubbed ‘The Grand Sanctuary’ by the designers.


Those magnificent 28 inch wheel hubs each feature a powerful electric motor, which ensures a smooth and long-lasting drive connected to your virtual chauffeur. So what’s under that massive bonnet? Just extra space for your shopping, of course… Make no mistake, the future of motoring is just around the corner, and once this absolute beauty of a car is out on the market, the world is never going to be the same again.

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