Exclusive Car Interior Accessories for Those Who Have it All


  With cars, as with people, it’s what’s inside that matters. As luxury cars become increasingly commonplace in certain parts of the world (a walk down certain streets in Dubai, London, Sydney and New York – to name just a couple of examples – has started to resemble a top-end car show), those seeking true decadence and exclusivity have begun kitting out their interiors in more and more lavish accessories. In many ways, this makes perfect sense. When you’re driving your car, you aren’t able to admire the bodywork from the outside; you want to be able to luxuriate in Read the full article...

How does your luxury car reflect your personality?


Owning a luxury vehicle is, among other things, an expression of the power to choose. To be able to pick and choose a high end car – one which reflects your personal sense of taste and unique style – is one of the great joys that comes with a specific sort of lifestyle. But what type of car attracts which sort of person? Can we judge somebody’s personality based on their choice of luxury vehicle brand? We believe we can, thanks to the unique characteristics each brand possesses, and the image they go to great lengths to project. Check out Read the full article...

Crossover Appeal


Crossover cars are one of the great trends of the twenty-first century when it comes to the automobile industry. Sales of the more traditional body styles, such as hatchbacks and saloons, are slowing down around the world, and in developing markets – including China – sales of crossover vehicles are booming, with a 50% growth recorded for last year. This is great news for the car business. Crossovers and SUVs are particularly lucrative, because most of the designs are based on already established hatchbacks and sedans, and these bear the majority of the costs of the development. In the eyes Read the full article...