8th May 2018

Most Expensive Superyachts On The Sea in 2018

The world of superyachting is all about extremes. Every year, we see yachts getting bigger, faster, more extravagant and fully loaded than ever before… and it’s this drive for constant betterment, outlandish development, and higher levels of glamour and over-the-top glitz that drives the industry forward.

2018 is set to be another bumper year on the yachting scene, and we’re eagerly anticipating some major releases that will explore new horizons when it comes to sail technology, eco-friendly superyachting possibilities, as well as the full range of jaw-dropping interiors we’ve come to expect. However, in this most luxurious of sectors, there remains one criteria that reigns above all the others… and one list that matters more than the rest put together. That’s right – we’re talking about the most expensive superyachts in the world.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the three most expensive superyachts that will be sailing the seas in 2018, and uncover just how much they’re worth… and what you get for such eye-watering sums of money.


First Place: Eclipse – $1.5 billion

 Photo by Hendrik


There’s a significant leap in price between the Eclipse, Roman Abramovich’s pride and joy, and the next yacht in this list. Why? Because this particular superyacht took all of the features that you can find in your standard billionaire’s vessel, and then seemingly doubled them in number, and added as many luxury features as you could possibly cram on an ocean-going vehicle.

At 536 feet long, it’s only a whisker away from being the world’s longest yacht. However, what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in features. Discos, spas, multiple cinemas and swimming pools, and no less than 24 guest suites… to be a guest on Eclipse is to join the highest ranking elite on the sea. You’ll be well protected, too – Abramovich insisted that his private yacht be pimped out with anti-missile systems, bulletproof glass and armor plating. Paranoid? Maybe. But these features are all part of what leads to an (almost) record-breaking price tag.


Second Place: Azzam – $650 million

 Photo by Klaus Jordan/Lurssen


Although Azzam is technically the fourth most expensive superyacht in the world right now, the third spot is taken by the ‘floating city’ named Streets of Monaco… which is yet to be properly launched. Despite this, the Azzam is a record breaker in it’s own right, as this immense dream machine is the current holder of the world’s longest private yacht title, coming in at an awe-inspiring 590 feet in length.

Azzam is the private vessel of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, the president of (where else?) the United Arab Emirates. It’s a vision in white, with an incredibly sharp aerodynamic design which allows it to hit an incredible top speed of 30 knots. As you would expect, it’s astoundingly lavish inside and out, with the interiors having been the commission of a lifetime for French designer Christophe Leoni. It’s completely bedecked in what has been described as ‘luxury turn of the century imperial style’ decoration, and boasts cinemas, spas, swimming pools, helipads, a whole host of luxury suites… need we say more?



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