28th November 2018

Meet Unique Melbourne Made Sustainable Brand

It’s no secret that the number of sustainable brands in Australia is absolutely booming. Australia has become synonym for ethical swimwear, handmade jewellery and as of recently the home to more and more brands with sustainability at the heart of their practices and core values. One of these brands is the Melbourne-based dress label Mies. Founded by Andrew Letts and designed by Sara Lim and Adriana Santelices, Mies is an ode to the feminine and to the intelligence and simplicity of mid-century design.
All their dresses are created on a made-to-order basis, to avoid making too many garments that sit in a warehouse without ever being worn; this is due to their dedication to reducing waste and improving the product life cycle.

“For us at Mies, the biggest benefit of local production is to have a close relationship with the people who create our dresses. In a world where it is still common practice to have a long and distant supply chain, we want to make a change and we take great pride in this philosophy. Our local team is an incredible group of people and we are very fortunate to have them working alongside us. We appreciate their skills and commitment and we want to take care of them.”

If you are on the lookout for a new Australian-made brand with the ethical seal of approval, Mies might be a good fit.

Images: Mies

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