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The Top Five High Tea Venues in Sydney


If there’s one food trend that Sydney’s elites are swooning over this season, it’s high tea. It’s easy to see why this genteel tradition has swept through the city, and picked up thousands of well-heeled converts along the way; high tea is the very essence of sophistication, boasting a distinctively old world charm which revels in an attention to detail that exudes luxury at every opportunity. It’s not just about staying on top of trends, though – Sydney’s high tea hotspots also offer the chance to sample the very best of modern Australian baking, as well as a new wave Read the full article...

The Most Expensive Wines of All Time


Image: Fine wine is a wonderful thing. In each bottle of truly great vino, we can experience the expertise of the vintner, using heritage vines which date back a century, and which grow on some of the most exquisite terroirs. However, when it comes to the truly elite bottles of wine, commanding the highest prices, many of these bottles will probably never be opened by their buyers. Instead they will be cellared and treasured, kept in carefully temperature and humidity controlled conditions in order to add to their value, as they will be destined one day for the auction Read the full article...

The Billionaire’s Bar Tab: The World’s Most Expensive Cocktails


Image: Sydney Morning Herald Forget your magnum bottles of Dom Perignon and Cristal, and throw away your vintage bottles of Bordeaux and Penfold’s finest. The world’s super rich have even more exclusive, expensive and extravagant drinks to enjoy and use to show off their wealth. All around the world, the most luxurious bars are competing with each other to curate the most astonishing, once-in-a-lifetime cocktails to be sipped by the global elite, using rare and wonderful ingredients and the most expensive spirits. Make no mistake, these billionaire’s cocktails are as much status symbols and ‘experiences’ as much as they are Read the full article...