9th July 2017

Fenty Beauty is Coming

Image: Harper’s Bazaar China


It’s confirmed.

Rihanna’s highly anticipated new beauty line is launching this fall. RiRi took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal the news that Fenty Beauty’s first collection would debut this fall. The rumour says that the first release from the brand will be a holographic lip product used backstage at the Fenty x Puma spring 2017 runway show. However, further details about the collections have been kept pretty secret.

The Fenty Beauty line is a partnership with LVMH’s Kendo division and was first announced in April 2016. The brand has launched their website, where you can sign up for the Fenty Beauty mailing list, and Instagram account.

In addition, the Fenty Beauty brand has decided to hold open casting calls for brand makeup artists in three major cities in the U.S “By opening this up the our larger makeup community we hope to build a diverse team of beauty experts who excel in the areas of artistry, elevated education, makeup experience and have an ability to best represent a brand. This non-traditional interview process levels the playing field and allows artists everywhere an opportunity and have their work seen and be considered for a global position for a dynamic new brand,” wrote Erik Soto, ‎Global Artistry & Education Senior Manager for Fenty Beauty’s parent company, Kendo Brands, on Instagram. “Those applicants who make it through the first interview phase will be invited to a second interview at a later date and our finalists will have a chance to interview and apply makeup on Rihanna herself.”

 On the Fenty Beauty website, you can join an email list for news of product launches and releases. The site also has links to the brand’s Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook accounts.

Fingers crossed the collection drops at the same time globally..

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