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Patrick Mavros’ Animal Magic New Collection


Silversmith and sculptor, Patrick Mavros has lived in Zimbabwe all his life. Living near elephants, giraffes and baboons, inspired his new African themed jewellery collection. Even though he is one of the most elite and famous jewelry designers in the world, he makes sure to spend half of his time in his workshop. With his home and studio overlooking Umwimsi Valley, Mavros makes sure that every silver jewelry piece designed under his brand has a part of his native land in it. Even after working for 35 years, he still makes sure he is up and working in the workshop Read the full article...

Presenting the New Hermes Apple Watch


Discover the perfect blend, where fashion meets functionality. This beautiful Hermes Apple Watch comes with exclusively designed dials and leather straps, or should I say wraps, that will truly appeal to the fashion forward class. Among the plethora of brand new products launched recently, was the unveiling of the Apple’s Hermes Collection Watch. Although leather bands may already be available in the market, but this brand has gone to great lengths to set the bar quite high. Relative to other smartwatches available in the marketplace, this watch offers the most contemporary design. Fashion Meets Function The cropped bands are the Read the full article...