10th March 2017

Exclusive Car Interior Accessories for Those Who Have it All


With cars, as with people, it’s what’s inside that matters. As luxury cars become increasingly commonplace in certain parts of the world (a walk down certain streets in Dubai, London, Sydney and New York – to name just a couple of examples – has started to resemble a top-end car show), those seeking true decadence and exclusivity have begun kitting out their interiors in more and more lavish accessories.

In many ways, this makes perfect sense. When you’re driving your car, you aren’t able to admire the bodywork from the outside; you want to be able to luxuriate in the private universe you’ve constructed within the chassis. As such, if you’ve got the funds, why wouldn’t you want to make this as special, comfortable and personalised as is humanly possible? The luxury interiors market continues to reach new dizzying heights year on year – here are some of the most expensive, most exclusive and most sought after mods, for those looking for the very epitome of magnificence and wealth.


Timepieces by Breitling for the Bentley Bentayga

Nothing quite says luxury like the thrilling curves of a Bentley Bentayga, but if you want to take your car to the next level, the latest top-end trend is all about the dashboard accessories which Breitling are making for this particular model. They aren’t holding back on lavishness, either: these stunning clocks fit beautifully into the Bentley’s dashboard, and are made with a 28mm case of 18-carat gold, 12 brilliantly cut diamonds, and a charming vintage oscillator in 22-carat gold to complete the look. Their most expensive design is called the Mulliner Tourbillon, and will set you back $170,000.


Custom ‘starry sky’ roof

Now, this is simply amazing – ramp up the atmosphere in your Rolls Royce by turning the interior roof of the car into a twinkling, celestial light show, made up of 1,350 fibre optic lights. The effect is truly magical, and would make night driving into something really rather dreamy. Each hole must be made individually in the leather – something which takes almost 24 man hours to complete – and it can be yours for $15,000.


Everything leather

There was a time when custom leather seats were enough to prove your place in the luxury set. Not anymore – every man and his dog has leather seats nowadays, so the top car modifiers (with Porsche leading the field, of course) are taking things a little further. Leather sun visors, leather doorsill guards, leather air vent slats, leather glove compartment doors… all can be yours if you’ve got the money to spend.


For the Bond effect

Aston Martin has long been associated with the gadgetry and debonnaire excitement of MI6’s most famous fictional spy. Now, you can grab yourself a piece of the action by buying the Jaeger LeCoultre Amvox2 watch, which has been developed for the DB9. This watch can unlock the car doors, and activate the headlights (apparently making it easier to locate your car in a car park… as if you’d lose your Aston Martin) – great fun for boys dreaming of their own secret missions, and priced at $24,000.

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