Beauty Newcomer Skin Inc is Expanding


The Singaporean beauty brand Skin Inc, is receiving growing attention recently and we wanted to know what all the fuzz what about.  One of the main points is the new Skin Inc-Sephora collaboration which has helped the brand open 64 new locations across 40 cities in the US. Skin Inc, is known for its highly customizable skin serums and unique message. A bit of online research and two cups of coffee later we found out that the company was created by Sabrina Tan after she realized a gap in the market for customized skin solutions. Though there are an umpteen Read the full article...

Vampire Facelift, The New Botox?


Celebrities are getting more and more inclined towards the new and intriguing Vampire Facelift. It’s a revolutionary skin procedure which includes taking blood out from your body and injecting the same into those little troubled areas of your face. Though called a ‘facelift’, it’s not really one. There are absolutely no knives or nips involved and no risk of ending up with a swollen lip or eye. Instead of introducing a foreign element into your body, this procedure uses your own fresh blood to boost new blood cells and collagen. The entire process takes about an hour and a half Read the full article...