13th June 2018

A Futuristic Electric Concept Car From Lamborghini


The world of luxury motoring is changing faster and more dramatically than it ever has done before, and it has been utterly thrilling to watch how luxury car brands have upped their game over the past few years. The rise of the electric vehicle, and the supercar industry’s approach to eco-friendly, electricity-powered motoring has been a definitive shift that will mark the current decade out as one for the history books – and the concept models being released at present look for all the world like true next generation material.


Introducing the Terzo Millennio

Lamborghini has always prided itself on being a genuinely forward-thinking luxury car brand, and one which flies the flag for innovation and progress every step of the way. As such, it comes as no real surprise to find that their latest foray into the exciting world of the electric supercar is a dream to behold, and something which has Lambo enthusiasts more than a little excited.

In an era-defining partnership with the best minds of MIT, Lamborghini has recently unveiled their first major exploration into the electric supercar; the Terzo Millennio… and it’s fair to say, this is a car which is going to be turning heads for years to come.



Taking Next Generation Design Further Than Ever

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is cutting-edge in every way imaginable. Firstly, there’s that incredibly sleek and futuristic-looking body to take in. It looks like a 22nd century batmobile – all thrillingly low-slung bodywork, dangerous angles and seductive curves. Somehow, the design team at Lamborghini have managed to make an entirely new genus of car, while still maintaining the brand’s signature look and feel – it’s enormously impressive to gaze at, and if this is how the supercars of the electric age are going to look, we’ve exciting times ahead.

Secondly, the car performs like no other in its class. Lightweight – despite the heavy batteries inside – and blisteringly fast, it’s a perfect standard bearer for a new age.

Inside the cockpit, things get even more impressive. It boasts an all-digital ‘cockpit experience’, and a next generation ‘pilot simulation mode’ which allows a virtual expert the chance to take potential drivers on a simulated lap before handing over the controls. Why? Because this car packs such a punch of power, and such a new way of handling such an engine, that inexperienced drivers of such machines can be utterly overwhelmed and would require a gentle ease-in.


Ticking Every Box

The MIT-Lamborghini tie-up was founded to investigate and address five primary goals. These were: the use of innovative materials, a new way to store the power and energy needed for supercar-level performance and speed, visionary design, propulsion systems, and ‘emotion’ – by which they mean the feel and sensory experience of driving the car.

One year on since the partnership was founded, they’ve already hailed the Terzo Millennio a monumental success on all counts. Lamborghini has dived headfirst into this brave new world, and is delivering electric supercars which live up to their label’s incredible heritage.

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