3rd February 2019

2019’s Top Tips for Luxury Asian Travel

Image: Wa Ale Island Resort

The speed at which Asia’s luxury destinations evolve, change, and recreate themselves
regularly leaves us in a spin. As the luxury travel market continually proves itself to be utterly
recession-proof, and consistently throws up new surprises and ever-growing heights of
glamour and sophistication, there’s always something new to discover, and something new
to look forward to in the calendar.
If you’re on the lookout for great Asian luxury travel experiences in 2019, then you’re in for a
real treat. We’ve scoured the calendar of the best new openings and groundbreaking luxury
industry developments across the world’s largest continent… and it’s fair to say that there
are literally thousands of travel encounters which could have made their way onto this list.
However, we’ve whittled down our absolute favourites to just five, in order to make it that
little bit easier to choose between them!
Nowhere on earth does luxury, hospitality, or plush decadence quite like Asia. Check out our
list of incredible travel opportunities below, and make 2019 as mind-blowing as it deserves to

Ardh Kumbh… Luxury Style
The Ardh Kumbh is one of the most significant festivals in the Hindu calendar, occurring just
once every six years, and attracting millions of devotees seeking blessings from the divine
power said to be resting at Ardh Kumbh, a pilgrimage site near Allahabad. If you’re curious
to see one of the largest and most exotic gatherings on earth, but want to do so in comfort,
you’re in luck: The Ultimate Travelling Camp is offering bespoke excursions to the heart of
the Kumbh, while also providing accommodation fit for a king. Four post beds, Ayurvedic spa
services, a live kitchen preparing sacred vegetarian dishes… it’ll show you the best of India
in true regal style.


Wa Ale Island Resort                                                                                                                                        The secretive and mystical country of Myanmar has been on plenty of luxury traveller’s lists
of must-see locations for years. With the opening of the Wa Ale Island Resort, there’s no
longer any excuse not to head to Myanmar, and experience the beauty and hospitality it has
to offer.
Situated in a stunning sheltered cove, and boasting treetop villas and luxury tented
accommodation, this resort is set to be a genuine tropical paradise, aimed squarely at
attracting the global elite to this land. Built in accordance to ‘green luxury’ standards – with
reclaimed materials and sustainable energy throughout – it takes all the right boxes for the
hottest luxury trends right now. Plus, those beaches really do look incredible!

COMO Uma Canggu
Bali has long been a top destination for the luxury travel set. The latest beach resort on this
island paradise, COMO Uma Canggu, is all about bringing the thrill of a surfing and water
sports holiday together with the heights of luxury that this location does so well. With its
unforgettable sunsets and long white sand beaches, there are plenty of opportunities for
blissful relaxation at this brand new resort. However, if you’re looking for fun in the waves,
you’ll be able to take surf lessons from the resort’s top trainers, and learn how to master
those big swells.

Rosewood Phnom Penh
There are few hotels in the world we’ve been looking forward to more than the opening of
the Rosewood in Phnom Penh. This is a city which throngs with life and energy, and from a
suite on the 14th floor of the iconic Vattanac Capital Tower, you’ll be able to marvel at the
glow of the skyscrapers, and take in a breathtaking panorama you’ll never forget.
Naturally, this Rosewood hotel will come complete with all the awe-inspiring spa services
you’d expect from this peerless brand, albeit with a new, Malaysian traditional twist. The
restaurant menu recently released looks truly incredible, and it’s sure to be a hotel to
remember and keep coming back to!

Bawah Reserve
If you’re looking for a genuinely authentic Asian tropics experience in 2019, then Bawah
Reserve is going to tick all the right boxes… and then some. Situated in the beautiful and
little-known Anambas Archipelago of the South China Sea, this luxury resort has taken the
concept of the eco-break and has run with it, resulting in one of the most beautiful holiday
options we’ve ever seen.

The hotel group describe their resort as a ‘safari meeting the tropics’, and the whole point of
the exercise has been to seamlessly blend the accommodation with the beaches, jungles,
and mountains which surround it. Perfect for a relaxing break in the wilderness, ideal for
divers, snorkelers, and sun-worshippers, and utterly brilliant for anyone looking to get back
to nature in style. Bawah Reserve is a true gem, and one we can’t wait to visit.

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